•         IQAC was set up on 18th June 2018. The main role of IQAC improve the institute’s overall performance through consistent and catalytic improvement in all domains.

  •         The main aim of IQAC is to plan as well as implement the quality initiatives followed by the corresponding execution and validation.

  •         IQAC involves committees and groups for seamless functioning of administrative and academic activities.

  •         It is responsible for disseminating the information on various quality parameters.

  •         It acts as a nodal point of the Institute for coordinating quality related activities.

  •         IQAC focuses on the documentation as well as execution of the best practices.

  •         It analyses each department in detail regarding the results and academic calendar related aspects.

  •         IQAC prepares the Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) as per NAAC guidelines and regulations.

  •         It collects and analyses the feedback related to students and teachers in all aspects necessary for imparting efficiency to the Institute.

  •         Objectives

  •         To maintain quality culture in the Institution through a well-planned system for academic, administrative and financial domains.

  •         To promote quality in the Institution through institutionalization of best practices and comfortable infrastructure.

  •         To develop and the implement quality benchmarks for various academic and administrative activities.

  •         To ensure successful execution of corrective actions by the departments.

  •         To build an organized methodology of documentation and internal communication.