Message from IQAC Chairperson

“Educationopens up the mind, expands it and allows you to improve your life in so manyways”

Asper my thinking about education, it is not just about learning but alsoapplying and implementing it in the real world. It is about building anall-round character and personality that imparts strength and motivation in thesociety making the nation grow limitlessly. The Institute’s vision is to givethe students an all-round capability including creativity, observation andknowledge empowerment leading to the generation of excellent and performingcitizens with sterling character. The role of an educator is to guide andnurture the next generation to inculcate skills necessary to achieve success,prosperity, and fulfillment in every direction. The ability to be innovativeand creative is paramount to me. I enjoy being challenged and inspired by thepeople around me. I aim to encourage and challenge staff and students to alsobe inventive and imaginative in their learning and day to day tasks.

Asan Institution, we are determined to impart sustainable learning by creating anenvironment with sheer academic commitment and outstanding infrastructureensuring a regulated system of evaluation. Attaining targets to improvise thequality of the Institution is one the crucial aims embarked by our IQAC cell.